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About Me

This guy right here.

In the mid-90’s I joined a summer internship at the University of Massachusetts designed to draw minorities into engineering careers.  Once I learned that UNIX could be used to supply Mortal Kombat codes, my career was assured.

As a producer and technologist I’ve worked on dozens of site builds, applications, marketing programs, CMS systems and put together all kinds of cool stuff.  I develop products and produce projects for agencies and businesses all over the world, and have worked in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Until recently I lived in Brooklyn, New York.  In 2020, I moved to northern New Jersey.  Sort of from the super-east side to the super-west side.  The suburbs have proven to be, in the words of a friend, “surprisingly not terrible!”  Kind of great, actually.

I also write.  Some essays and fiction can be found freely throughout this site.  You should read it!  My parents will appreciate it.  I very occasionally perform stand-up.

“Rampant Strangeness” is the name of my original student website from college, ca. 1996.  I have kept it, for no compelling reason.

You can contact me here:  [email protected]