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A Brief list of Coronavirus Symptoms, as Researched and Presented by the American Astrological Association

  1. You have a slight cough.  Mostly dry, but possibly also wet.
  2. You have a stuffy nose, and accordingly, difficulty discerning smells.
  3. You can be hard to get to know, sometimes you think only your real friends understand you.
  4. Some may call you obstinate, but you’ll happily change your mind when presented with compelling evidence.
  5. Sometimes you need to remember to be thoughtful with your words.
  6. Sometimes you love to bask in the spotlight, or have your hard work recognized..  
  7. People call you a social butterfly and you get pleasure from being out with other people.  But at other times, you just like to curl up with a good book!
  8. You are an introvert.
  9. You are a fiery personality, always chasing adventures.
  10. (At home.)
  11. Sometimes, you think you may worry too much about your finances.
  12. You are a natural leader, except when in the presence of another, more compelling natural leader.

Stay safe! Stay indoors!

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